Tips on Role Playing? – Sex Stories

Tips on Role Playing? – Sex Stories
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I wanted to ask some questions for those of you who enjoy role playing with each other. I could use some tips on role playing. I’m not talking necessarily about “kinky” play, but strictly role playing.

As an example you might pretend that the husband is the cable repair guy and the wife is a single woman home alone. Or you might pretend the wife is a hooker and the husband picks her up. Or the wife is the nurse and the husband is the doctor. Stuff like that.

My wife and I have thought before about trying some kind of role play, but we always felt like we would feel too silly trying to act it out. So we never tried it.

My questions are these:

  1. How do you “get into character” when you know that you are really husband and wife? Especially since you know each other so well?
  1. Once you get past the initial “act” is the sex pretty much the same as it always is? After all, you have had sex with each other many times before. So once you get into it, does the moment pass?
  1. Do you ever feel silly acting like someone else?
  1. Do you talk about it first and plan it out? How detailed do you get? Do you go so far as to have lines or a script? Or do you just say, “I’ll be the repair guy, you be waiting at home” then let it unfold on its own? How do you keep it from feeling “fake” and “scripted?”
  1. How involved to you get with it? For instance in the example of the husband being the repair guy, does the husband leave the house, the wife calls and requests a repair and then he agrees to come at a set time and then he actually repairs something, etc. Or in the example of the wife being the hooker, do you take the wife somewhere and have her stand on the street corner and the husband drives around for a while and then comes and picks her up?
  1. Does it ever feel like you are in a cheap porn movie when you act out something?
  1. Do you ever buy special outfits for the occasion? Like a nurse/doctor outfit?
  1. Was it awkward the first time you role played? Did the awkwardness go away with practice and multiple fantasies?
  1. I’ve had some ideas for scenarios I would like to act out. What tips would you have for getting started?
  1. How did you handle it if one of you wanted to try role play but the other didn’t?
  1. Do you ever feel like it takes something away from the sanctity of your marriage or is it just another form of play between husband and wife?
  1. Do you ever feel awkward or guilty for role playing scenarios where you aren’t married to each other but you still have sex?
  1. Do you have any rules you stick to in acting out fantasies? Like maybe a rule might be “No rape fantasies” or maybe you have a special code word for stopping if you need to?

14. Do you think it would be inappropriate to act out an affair scenario? Like if you were to meet at a hotel on your lunch break and just have sex and then not talk about it that evening as if you were trying to keep it a secret. I’ve personally got mixed feelings about this. On one hand having an affair is wrong so that feels wrong to even pretend to have one. On the other hand part of the allure of an affair is the excitement. And it is with your spouse so it’s technically not an affair. But would it create a temptation to actually have a real affair. But, on the other hand, ANY scene you act out will be based on the idea of the two of you not really being married. The secretary and boss, cable repair guy and wife at home, etc. None of those involve you being married. So what difference does it make? But what are your thoughts? Is the affair scenario going too far?

Feel free to offer any other tips/suggestions/advice you have about this.

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