Skin-a-max: The Celebrity Car Wash – Sex Stories

Skin-a-max: The Celebrity Car Wash – Sex Stories
This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not know Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Chloe Moretz, Miley Cyrus, Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Sofia Vergara, or have anything to do with them. I do not own or have anything to do with the state of Miami or any car washes there in. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.
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Skin-a-max Presents The Celebrity Car Wash Starring Selena Gomez
By Muhabba
Chapter 1
In her large, lush, extremely private backyard, next to her Olympic sized, lavishly ornate pool, Selena Gomez lounged on her plush recliner barely wearing a small, zebra striped bikini. The sun gleamed on her honey bronzed skin as small beads of sweat rolled down her brown flesh. Her long, raven black hair flowed around her beautiful face as her scarlet painted lips pursed to suck more cold lemonade from her straw. Small drops of condensation dropped from her chilled glass onto her abundant chest causing her already hard nipples to pulse as she sat the glass back down and readjusted her large framed sunglasses.
Her delicate hand picked up a bottle of Cocoa Butter and squirted several drops of the white liquid onto her impressive chest, over her flat stomach and down her lean legs. The liquid stood out against her tan skin as she slowly rubbed it into the supple flesh of her legs and thighs. Her deft hands slid across her stomach and up to her now heaving chest. A moan escaped past her puckered lips as she rubbed her palms across the upper mounds of her firm breasts, her pink painted fingernails dipping just inside of her small top, teasing herself.
The former child star's thighs rubbed together as she moaned again and slowly pulled her bikini cups to the sides, revealing her firm, medium sized breasts and her hard, brown nipples. She cooed lustfully as she lovingly pinched the tips of her tits, rolling the sizzling nubs between her fingertips as she spread her golden legs open. One of her hands slid lazily down her shimmering body to just above the start of her bikini bottoms and began making lazy circles around her lower abdomen, still teasing herself. Goosebumps of anticipation broke out across her sun kissed skin as she dipped her fingers just beneath her bottoms to just above her wet slit.
The singer gasped out as her fingertip found her excited clit and she played with one of her tender tits with her other hand. Her hips raised up to meet her hand as she played with her juicy mound and tugged her nipple up, pulling the firm nub out from her chest before releasing it and causing her firm orb to jiggle slightly as it resumed it's natural teardrop shape. She gasped and moaned in erotic pleasure as she enjoyed what her talented fingers did to her young, ripe body completely exposed and alone in her back yard.
"Madra de dios!'" a voice gasped out from behind Selena, startling her.
"What the fuck!" Selena shouted as she jumped to her feet, pulling her hand out of her soaked bikini bottoms but forgetting about her exposed breasts. "Manuel, is that you?" she demanded, stamping her foot in defiance and causing her unencumbered tits to jiggle on her chest.
"No," Manuel gasped as the aging gardener struggled to get his erection back into his overalls. "I mean si, Senorita Gomez," he said as he finally managed to zip himself up and slid his work belt around to cover the tent in his pants. "Did you need something, Senorita?" he asked innocently.
Selena glared at him, her fists on her hips. "How long have you been standing there?" she demanded.
Manuel ran a hand as nonchalantly as he could through his salt and pepper hair, trying not to stare at Selena's exposed breasts and bring attention to the fact that she had left her tits hanging out. "I… I just arrived. Did you need something?"
Selena let her anger dissipate. She had such a soft spot for Manuel, she could never stay mad at him, no matter how many times she caught him leering at her, peeking into her windows, following her around the yard, taking pictures of her, hiding cameras in her toilets… "Maybe it's time to get a new gardener?" she wondered before letting herself relax completely. "No, I guess not," she answered, "Let me walk you out."
Manuel stumbled out of the bushes and Selena giggled at his clumsiness before sliding her arm into his, pressing her nubile body innocently against him. "Oh Manuel, I can never stay mad at you," she giggled as they walked to the back exit of the yard, her young tits jiggling with every step. "You have a good day," she said as she held the gate open for him and he stumbled onto the sidewalk. "I'll see you next week," she said cheerfully as she waved good-bye.
"Si, Senorita Gomez," Manuel said as Selena closed the gate and he muttered, "At least I hope so." He walked to the end of the sidewalk and opened up the side of his van before taking his work belt off and throwing it into the back just as a yellow Lamborghini screeched to a stop behind his van. His eyes were drawn hypnotically to a pair of long, slender legs as they unfolded out of the driver side door, a pair of high waisted shorts hugging a tight little ass, a halter top barely concealing a pair of small tits, and a flirty smirk on Taylor Swift's angelic face.
"Hey, Manuel," Taylor greeted the older man as she waved her long, lustrous blonde hair out of her eyes. "How's it going?"
Manuel's eyes locked onto the hard tips of Taylor's firm tits and he licked his lips hungrily.
Taylor's long legs carried her to the gardener and she looked down between them. "Now exactly what tool is that?" she asked playfully as Manuel looked down at the tent in his overalls.
Chapter 02
While Taylor teased the aging gardener, Selena stepped into her large house and shivered. She looked down at her exposed breasts and shrugged. "Oh well, Manuel can just consider it a tip I guess," she thought before tucking her tan tits back into her top and walking into her spacious living room, flopping down on her couch. She crossed her legs as she grabbed her phone and quickly dialed her uncle's number and barely had to wait for two rings before she heard a hello. "Uncle Esteban?" she squealed out in glee.
"Sorry, Sel, it's Steve," her nerdish little step-cousin answered.
Selena rolled her eyes. It wasn't that she didn't love her cousin, it was just that he was such a geek about her being a celebrity. "Oh hi, Stevie."
"It's so good to hear from you," Steve gushed. "How have you been? How's L.A.? Have you met anybody? I bet you hang out in all the best clubs, don't you? Are you touring anywhere soon? I bet you've been all over, haven't you? Do you know Katy Perry? How 'bout Miley…"
"Steve!" Selena shouted, interrupting her fan boy cousin. "I told you before, not all celebrities know each other. I only know a few."
"Ohhh…" Steve moaned reverently. "Which ones?"
Selena rolled her eyes and giggled at Steve's enthusiasm. "Well, me and Taylor Swift are pretty close. Mostly 'cuz we have the same problems with boys."
"This is going to make a great fucking song," Taylor gasped out in pleasure as she rode Manuel's hard cock. The old gardener's lips we're sucking hungrily at her rose pink nipples as he palmed and squeezed her tight ass-cheeks. She braced her hands against the ceiling of the van as she drove her wet, tight pussy down again and again on his shaft, moaning as her hot cunt parted around and then squeezed his prick. She ground her sizzling clit against him, rocking her slender hips back and forth as she pistoned up and down, groaning as he nursed at her small chest. His stubbly skin scratched enticingly against her sensitive skin as he switched from one tit to the other and she cooed in pleasure.
The winsome songstress pushed him away from her chest so that he was flat on his back to give her more room to move, her long legs cramping inside of the small van. She leaned forward, her small tits dangling just out of Manuel's reach as she changed her angle and began thrusting herself back and forth. His spongy cock-head slid over her G-spot and her hard clit scrapped against his groin with every thrust, rock, and roll of her slender hips. She groaned lustfully as one of his hands slid up from her tight, little ass and to her chest, easily palming her small breast. His rough palm scraped against the erect nub of her nipple and caused her to shudder as she moaned and then suddenly gasped out, "Oh fuck! I'm gonna get a Grammy for this fucking song!"
Rolling her eyes in frustration, Selena tried to get a word in while Steve drolled on. "Steve, and I talk to Uncle…" she tried to interrupt her cousin.
"How 'bout Miley Cyrus?" Steve blurted out. "Do you know Miley? Can you get me an autograph?" he asked excitedly. "She's my favorite. She did this one song about a blow fish this one time…"
"Yes, I know Miley,' Selena said, still trying not to giggle at her cousin's frustrating enthusiasm. "I'll get you her autograph next time I see her."
Across town, Miley walked back and forth slowly in her dressing room, carefully inspecting the ten naked men that security had pulled out of the audience during her show. She hadn't bothered to shower after her concert since she'd be getting sweaty again in a few minutes and her short, punky hair was plastered to her head. Her flesh colored rubber shirts and halter top squeaked as she poked two of the fans in their foreheads. "You two can sit down," said as the other eight men filled in the now open spots. "Now let's see what the rest of you are working with," she said with a sense of anticipation as she grabbed the nearest two cocks in her hands and tugged softly on them until they were throbbing in her hands. She repeated the process until she had eight hard pricks pointed directly at her and appraised each one.
"Oh my," Miley gasped as she came to the largest of the pointed cocks. "Porn much?" she chuckled.
The fan blushed and looked down sheepishly. "Uh, no, ma'am."
Miley threw off her top, her small breasts jiggling, her pink nipples hard with excitement, and grabbed the fan's dick, pulling him over to the couch. "You will now," she giggled before looking at the other nine fans. "You boys can watch," she said magnanimously before laying down and spreading her slender legs wide, turning her attention back to her fan and using her grip on his cock to pull him between her open thighs. "Hope you like licking ass 'cuz I'm in a mood tonight."
On her couch, Selena's cousin kept going on his celebrity wish list, "How 'bout Brad Pitt? Do you know…"
"Steve!" Selena shouted, "Can you please, for the love of God, put Uncle Esteban on?"
"Alright, alright. You don't need to yell," Steve said. "Hey! Pops! Selena's on the phone," he shouted loud enough to make Selena wince.
"Selena, is that you, chica?" Uncle Esteban asked cheerfully.
Selena sighed in relief to hear her uncle's voice rather than Steve's. "Yeah, Uncle Esteban. I'm soooo excited to be seeing you soon."
"Me too, chica, me too. Everything still set?"
Selena excitedly nodded her head. "Yep. I just wanted to make sure everything was set with you."
"Everything's fine down here. You'll be here tomorrow, right?" Esteban asked.
"Yep," Selena answered. "I'm just waiting for my friend Taylor to show up and help me finish packing."
Outside of Selena's house, Manuel's van was rocking. "Oh God gimme another hit, Manuel!" Taylor screamed out from on her hands and knees, "gimme another hit and make it go platinum!" She rocked her tight body back, her small ass rippling slightly as the aging gardener's hips smacked against it. "And stick your thumb in my ass!"
On his knees behind Taylor, Manuel was simply holding on to her slender hips for dear life. Sweat was pouring down his flushed face and his heart was pounding far too fast in his chest. He tried to work up enough spit to lubricate his thumb but his mouth was as dry as the California desert but if the willowy singer wanted a thumb up the ass she was going to get a thumb.
Taylor growled in pleasure as she felt Manuel work his finger between her coltish legs and then slowly slide his thumb into her tight ass using her own slick juices. Her petite tits jiggled underneath her with each thrust as she shoved herself back to meet the gardener's thrusts. "It's gonna be a hit!" she shrieked as she came, her entire young body seizing up like a spring as she fell forward, Manuel's cock sliding out of he gushing pussy with a wet slurp and his thumb falling out of her ass with a obscene pop.
The svelte songstress looked up and behind her as Manuel jerked his cock, aiming it down at her up turned ass. With a grunt he came, splattering his warm seed across her hip and thigh before collapsing back on his naked rear-end. "Thanks, Manuel. I needed that," she said as she began looking for her brief bits of clothing. "Be sure to look in my liner notes for your name, 'kay?"
After cleaning up her sticky thighs and Manuel's cum, Taylor got dressed, which didn't take long since she rarely wore underwear, and opened the side door of the van. "See you later," she said as she waved merrily and made her way to the front door of Selena's house. "Sel, you here?" she called out as she entered.
"In the living room," Selena shouted back. She turned her attention back to her uncle on the phone, "Taylor's here to help me pack, Uncle Esteban. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you," before hanging up.
Taylor strode into the large living room. "Wow, hot bikini," she said as she stared lustfully at her friend's barely concealed body. "Who was that? Anybody I should be jealous of?"
"No, silly," Selena giggled as Taylor wiggled her tongue at her. "That was my Uncle Esteban, the one that owns a car wash in Miami."
On the other side of the country Selena's step-cousin looked worriedly at his father. "You don't look excited at getting to see Selena again," Steve said to Esteban as he readjusted his wire frame glasses. He ran his fingers through his unruly black hair as he stared down at his tired looking dad.
"Oh, it's not that," Esteban said from below his bushy mustache, unconsciously mirroring his son by running his fingers through his own unruly but thinner hair. He readjusted himself in his rolling chair, patted his large stomach, belched and grabbed for his ulcer medication. "And you should watch your crush on her, she's your cousin."
"Step-cousin," Steve said defensively.
"That's besides the point," Esteban chided his son as he looked over his skinny frame. "You should be looking for a good girl. Make me some grand babies to bounce on my knee."
Steve sighed. "This has nothing to do with my lack of luck with women. What's bothering you, papa?"
Esteban waved his beefy arms at the piles of bills covering his desk. "All these bills! I fear I've dug myself quite a big hole trying to keep this car wash open. Plus that bastard Vic Surge keeps coming by every other day trying to buy me out."
"Why don't you ask Selena for a loan?" Steve asked.
"I will do no such thing!" Esteban said angrily. "I was not put on this Earth to be a burden on this family."
Suddenly Steve stumbled on his feet and knocked over several piles of bills. "Sorry, sorry," he muttered.
Esteban threw his arms up in frustration as his son began picking up the fallen mail. "How do you trip while standing?"
"Practice?" Steve said meekly as he picked up the mail on the floor and his skinny behind bumped against the desk knocking over several more piles. "So why don't you sell the car wash to Vic Surge?"
"No!" Esteban shouted out in Spanish. "That man has no honor when it comes to car washes! I will not give a monopoly on car washes to a man with no honor."
"Yes, papa," Steve said in exasperation as he placed a pile of bills on the desk and they immediately slid off.
"And no mentioning this to your cousin," Esteban ordered.
"She has her own life to live and I will not have her worrying about this old man."
Steve rolled his eyes in frustration. "Yes, papa."
Looking up at her friend as the slender blonde walked through her living room, Selena could tell that something was up. Selena cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at Taylor. "What are you humming?"
"Oh, just thinking up a new song," Taylor said as she flopped down on the couch next to Selena.
Selena sighed dramatically. "For crying out loud, who did you fuck this this time?"
"Your gardener, Manuel," Taylor said matter of factly as she tucked her long legs underneath her.
"Oh my God," Selena gasped. "You can't just go around fucking random strangers."
"Manuel is not just some random stranger," Taylor said defensively. "I've met him, like, two or three different times. Besides, I can't help it. Sex is my Muse."
"Phttt, please," Selena said as she rolled her eyes. "Your vagina is like a vending machine. Insert a penis and music comes out."
"Not just a penis," Taylor giggled as she slapped Selena's tan thigh. "Now, some hot, sexy Latina promised me some wine to help her pack. Where's the booze."
"Wine is not booze," Selena giggled. "At least not for as much as I paid for it. It's in the kitchen so I'll meet you out back."
Lounging by the pool both young women made quick work of their first bottle and we're halfway through the second. A deep, warm, fuzzy buzz filled their nubile bodies as they reclined in their chairs letting their exposed, glistening skin soak up the California sun.
"I'm feeling pretty damn good right now," Taylor said languidly.
"Me too," Selena said with a distinctive slur. "Soooo relaxed."
Taylor grinned wolfishly at her drunk friend. "Why don't you roll over on your stomach and I'll put lotion on your back?"
"Good idea," Selena slurred before clumsily rolling over.
Taylor, far less drunk than her friend, grabbed the sunscreen and straddled Selena, sitting comfortably on her friend's plump ass. She squirted the lotion on the sexy Latina's exposed back and felt Selena shiver beneath her own already damping pussy. "Better get this out of the way," she said as she untied Selena's barely there bikini.
"Good idea," Selena slurred drunkenly again as she rested her head on her arms.
Taylor grinned wickedly as she slowly began massaging the oil into her friend's pliant flesh and began softly grinding her cloth covered cunt against Selena's barely covered ass. Her nimble fingers worked across her drunk friend's shoulders, down her graceful back, and up her silky sides to where her flattened breasts we're bulging out. She let her fingertips dance across the honey colored skin of Selena's warm body, drawing an appreciative moan from the sexy beauty. She continued softly humping herself against Selena's little bubble butt as she leaned down slowly and pressed her slender chest against her drunk friend's sun kissed back.
Selena drunkenly giggled as she felt her friend's hard nipples pressing into her back through the blonde singer's halter-top. "Are you trying to seduce me, Ms. Swift?" she slurred.
"Mmm hmm," Taylor groaned as she slid her top off and pressed her small, naked tits against Selena's bare back, grinding her horny pussy against the dark skinned young woman's barely covered ass.
Selena groaned as Taylor rubbed herself against her. "I'm beginning to think you purposefully got me drunk just to take advantage of me," she jokingly accused her friend.
Taylor nuzzled against Selena's neck and whispered in a low, throaty moan, "It's the only time you let me fuck you." She slid sensuously down the length of her friend's hot body until her face was hovering over the Latina's hit ass. She slid her hands beneath the thin material and pulled it down until Selena's tan rear-end was fully exposed to her greedy eyes. She licked and then kissed each cheek and Selena moaned pleasantly and opened her legs slightly giving Taylor room to slide down until she was laying between her friend's supple thighs.
Taylor slowly licked down the crack of Selena's luscious ass, over her little rosebud of an asshole until her tongue was lightly circling the wet entrance to the bronze singer's hot pussy. Her mouth watered at the sight of her friend's pink folds and she hungrily began lapping at her fellow singer's tasty juices. "Your pussy tastes like honey," she groaned as she shoved her bubble gum pink tongue as far as she could into Selena's wet hole.
Selena laid placidly and enjoyed the feel of Taylor licking her. Singing wasn't Taylor's first talent no matter how good she was at it and neither was licking pussy even though she was better at it than singing. After a few minutes Selena gasped out in need for her friend's true talent, "My ass, Taylor. Lick my ass please."
Taylor slowly slipped her tongue out of Selena's pussy and replaced it with two of her fingers. "For someone who only wants me when she's drunk, you're awfully bossy," she giggled as she sawed her fingers in and out of Selena's tight hole.
Slurring her words, Selena began pleading with Taylor, "I want you, I need you, just please lick my ass!"
"Yes, princess," Taylor smirked before extending her tongue as far as she could and quickly spearing Selena's puckered rosebud as she slid her fingers along the horny Latina's G-spot and was immediately rewarded with Selena's orgasm. The horny singer's entire body tightened and spasmed, her ass clenching around Taylor's tongue and her pussy clutching her fingers.
"Fuck, Taylor! Yes!" Selena cried out as she came, her entire body twitching and shuddering as she rode out her orgasm.
As Taylor felt Selena's body begin to relax she pulled her tongue and fingers out and stood up, dusting off her knees. "My turn," she announced.
Selena’s dark eyes fluttered as she stared blearily at the friend. “Together, okay?” she asked as she slowly moved around onto her back.
Taylor grinned and stood up. “Whatever the princess wants,” she said as she peeled down her tight shorts and then laid down on top of Selena.
They kissed passionately, their tongues wrestling wetly together as they pressed their nude bodies together, Selena’s larger tits engulfing Taylor’s smaller breasts. They slowly ground their wet pussies together, firmly humping up against each other before each girl slid an arm between their lustful bodies, Selena slipping two of her fingers into Taylor’s wet cunt and Taylor slipping two fingers into Selena.
With a practiced ease the horny celebrities began writhing against each other, their talented fingers sliding deep inside of their tight pussies and causing them to moan out in shared pleasure. Selena leaned her head up and sucked one of Taylor’s hard, pink nipples inside her mouth, rubbing it roughly with her wet tongue as their pace slowly became more frantic. They humped harder against each others’ hands, their bodies sliding wetly against each other, the sunlight glimmering on their sweat slick skin. Selena lost Taylor’s nipple as she gasped out in pleasure and they both groaned and moaned in bliss as their orgasms rose up slowly, climbing higher, their voices rising up louder and louder. They stared deep into each others’ eyes before kissing deeply again, their bodies pressed perfectly together as their orgasms peaked and then washed over both of them, their pink pussies gushing and drenching their hands in their warm, slick cum.
“Madra de dios,” Manuel groaned from his hiding place in the bushes as his cum splattered to the ground. He’d never been so thankful for forgetting a shovel before in his life as he watched the two naked women cuddle in their post-orgasmic high, their juices dripping to the concrete.
Chapter 03
First Class ticket holder or not, Selena had long ago discovered that everybody had to wait in line at the airport. “She did it again,” she giggled into her cellphone as she readjusted her carry-on, “She got me drunk and basically attacked me, Victoria.” She stood casually in line dressed in ripped, loose fitting blue jeans and a men’s white button-up shirt, only buttoned halfway, with no bra. She was completely unaware of the stares she was getting both for the amazing amount of chest she was showing and because she was paying no attention to how loud she was talking.
“Phttt…” Victoria Justice snorted into her phone. “You are soooo gay for Taylor it’s not even funny,” she giggled.
“I am not,” Selena giggled defensively, “She gets me drunk and takes advantage of me. Sometimes for entire weekends.”
“Ha!” Victoria laughed out. “And who’s the one that keeps buying the drinks.” It wasn’t really a question.
“That’s not the point,” Selena said, trying to sound mad and failing. “Just because I’m buying doesn’t mean that she can get me drunk and fuck me silly for hours on end. It’s practically rape really.”
“You’re the only girl I know that brings lube to her own rape,” Victoria giggled.
“Just that once. And how was I supposed to know what she was going to do with it,” Selena said with a grin at the memory and still unaware of the leering stares she was getting from the men, and some of the women, around her.
Victoria rolled her dark eyes as she giggled, “Because you also bought the wine. Listen, I gotta go to a pitch meeting.”
Now it was Selena’s turn to roll her eyes. “Is this the pitch for that show nobody wants and took you two months to get a meeting just so they can tell you ‘no’ officially?”
“That’s the one,” Victoria chirped. “Gotta go, love you,” she finished and heard Selena reply before hanging up. She tucked her phone back into her purse just as the television producer’s secretary called her name. She stood up and straightened her plain black dress cut just short enough to show off her long legs. She fluffed her straight, dark brown hair so that it framed her face and the almost indecent amount of cleavage her small breasts allowed her. Checking her make-up one last time and batting her wide eyes she tucked her compact back into her purse and walked into the producer’s office.
Victoria greeted and shook the hands of the producer and his assistant before sitting across from them in front of the producer's desk, hiking up her skirt a little. She’d been told ‘no’ several times on her project and already knew how this meeting would go and figured that she’d be in and out in twenty minutes. Or rather, the producer, and now apparently his assistant, would be in and out in twenty minutes.
The older producer looked sternly over at Victoria. “You know we’ve already passed on this project, Victoria. I only granted you this meeting out of professional respect but I doubt there’s anything that could change my mind.”
Victoria knew that she didn’t have long to capture the producer’s attention as she pulled her dress farther up her tan thighs. “Then I’ll go ahead and get to the thrust of my argument,” she said as she slowly crossed her long legs. “I’m very passionate about this project,” she continued as she rolled her shoulders a little to emphasize her small, firm breasts, “This project is very nearly a love affair to me,” as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs again, sliding to the edge of her chair to pull her dress up even farther, “I want to give my project to you. Let you work your magic on it, own my project, use it,” she said as she reached behind her and held her zipper between her fingertips. “With your talents my project can see to it that everybody will be deeply and completely satisfied.”
As the last of her pitch rolled off of her pink tongue, Victoria pulled down her zipper at the same time as she stood up, her dress sliding easily down her arms, off her body, and pooling around her ankles as she stood defiantly. She wore a strapless pink push-up bra to help emphasize her small breasts and a matching pink thong. She stepped out of her black dress, still wearing her matching pumps, and walked around the producer’s desk, grabbing the assistant by his tie on her way to drag him along, to stand in front of the older man. “What do you say, Mr. Producer sir? Do you want to use your special talent on my project?” she asked coyly as she got down on her knees between his legs and began using her free hand to unzip his tented pants while dragging the assistant down with her. She smiled wickedly up at the producer, not waiting for a response as she pulled out and swallowed his already hard cock, already knowing what his answer would be.
At the airport Selena continued to stand in line having moved nearly a foot in twenty minutes. She looked around at the people milling around, moving back and forth from gate to gate or to the kiosks selling bric-a-bracs. Sometimes she wondered who the different people were and what kind of interesting lives they led and she enjoyed making up stories about them in her mind.
Phil. Airport security. Middle-aged and overweight. Boring marriage with a bitchy wife and a snotty daughter. And suddenly thankful for marring his bitchy wife to give birth to his snotty daughter because without her he’d have no idea that the beautiful sex goddess across the waiting area from him was Selena Gomez despite her large sunglasses. He’d lost count of the number of episodes of “The Wizards of Waverly Place” he’d masturbated to or how many videos of her he’d watched on mute and as he crossed the waiting area he didn’t care.
Phil tapped Selena on the shoulder and felt his dick lurch as she turned around and smiled at him. He tired to sound official as he said, “Airport security, ma’am. May I see your ticket?” He sucked in his gut as much as he could and he took Selena’s ticket, his hand shaking with nervousness.
“Is there a problem, officer?” Selena asked helpfully, not noticing the guard staring at her bronzed chest.
“Just… jus

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