Sex with Mira during Maths Tuition – Sex Stories

Sex with Mira during Maths Tuition – Sex Stories

I am telling you a story which actually took place. I changed the names of the people and the places for the sake of secrecy. Otherwise the facts are all the same. Soon after my completing my PG in maths and Physics, I was hunting for a job in Cochin. I had no resources to go abroad, no contacts, no money. I had to make some money urgently.

My friends advised me why not take up tuition. Good teachers have good demand and they earn well. I had no place to run a class room. One boy, Jos came to me and asked me to go to his house to teach maths. I said I will come in the early morning. Because he had to go to his classes at 9 am. before that I had to finish my tuition. His father was abroad and they were rich.

He offered me one thousand rupees in the first month and asked me whether it is low. His mother used to serve me breakfast everyday, good sumptuous breakfast. Two other boys, his class mates came and asked whether they may join I said ok. In the second month I earned Rs.3000/- There was a request from a family to teach their girl maths. But I had to go to their locality.

It was a marwadi family in a huge palatial house. They lead me upstairs and I sat in the sitting room and the girl, Mira came. She failed in BA and wanted to be coached up so that she may pass in the Sept. exam. Their servant brought a big plate full of sweets and a cup of masala tea. The girl was ignorant of the basics in maths. I told her she may have to work hard to learn the fundamentals.

She said, Sir, you please sit with me then only I can study, if you go away I also keep the books away. I asked her who is there in the family. She said her father is doing business in the Bazar, her mother goes to the club and will be busy throughout the day, the maid servant has been told to bring food whenever needed. We will not be disturbed.

Please teach me the basics so that I pass the exam. Otherwise my father may have to pay a lot of dowry. Mira a beautiful girl, with all features well developed, sat near me and was moving closer and closer to me when I was going farther from her. Though there was a/c she was perspiring and was removing her shawl and opening up her buttons of her blouse.

I could see her abundant boobs. She had huge thighs. She wore just a blouse and a skirt. I took her text book and note book to see how far she had progressed, she was putting her hand on my thighs and leaning over me to turn her pages. Her hand was very close to my cock and I felt her had is pressuring me to get an erection.

My cock was getting erection and it creates a bulge in the pants. Her fingers moved to the bulge. When I turned to her I found she had removed all the buttons of her blouse and her bra was revealed with her boobs concealed in it. She was keeping her face close to mine that when I turned my face my lips brushed against her cheeks.

I took a pen and started to write some problems in her note books for her to solve, but her boob was pushing against my elbow joint. I had no choice, her hand was squeezing my bulge and it was getting fully erect. I put my hand behind her and unhooked her bra and released her boobs from bondage. Nice fair colored boobs, with red aerola and erect nipples.

I ran my hand over her boobs and they were very sensitive. Maya was busy unzipping my pant and taking my cock out. Once it is out she leaned forward and took it in her mouth and was giving me a good blow job. I lifted her skirt to have a look at her interior. She had no underpants, no panty and her pussy, cleanshaven was there open. Sir, please fuck me, maths will come automatically.

I could not stand. I removed my pants and underwear and plunged my cock into her pussy. Maya took hold of my cock and rubbed it against her clitoris and deep inside it went without any hindrance. I fucked her to my heart’s content. Once, twice and thrice. Maya also enjoyed and told me that nobody have fucked and given her so much of pleasure.

She had a towel with which she wiped her cunt and my cock. She then told me that her sister also wanted to get fucked, do you mind. Before my affirmative reply she went out and brought her teen age sister very voluptuous. Sister, Sister Mira had kept her bra unhooked, blouse unbuttoned and removed all under clothing. Her boobs were smaller but harder.

Her choot was also clean without hair While her sister was watching I had to do sex to her. All text books and notebooks were were removed and we fucked in full glory, in all conceivable poses. Maya and Mira, both beautiful girls squeezed me out and took out the last drop of cum from me. They were very rich girls and had only sex in their mind.

Maya suggested to me to stay with them till evening since there is nobody to disturb. At noon she asked me to dress up and they also dressed up and all books were again spread. The servant brought food, good marvadi food with lot of sweets. The servant was also a young girl, looking at me and smiling as if she knows what is happening. She too had nice boobs and narrow waist.

I asked her where is the bathroom. She said she will show it to me and took me out of the room and in the corridor, I pressed her boobs and ass. and gave her a kiss on her cheeks and lips. Quickly she sat on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. just for a moment. I put my hand inside her skirt and touched her pussy. It was youngish and firm.

My finger went deep inside and I finger fucked her for a moment. After bathroom I returned to the hall and Mira and Maya had spread the dishes and ready to eat. I ate my stomachful, marwadi dishes, and sweets. After two more rounds of fucking I took leave of them. Maya kept some money in my pocket. I did not object. It was about Rs.2000/- They asked me to go on the next day.

Next dau there was another cousin in the crowd another teen ager. Two rounds of fucking of three girls is too much. They increased my pocket money to Rs.5000/- per day. All of them experienced in sex and cooperated in any pose.

In the morning I had five students and I was more rich than I expected. within a short time, I built up enough money to finance my visit abroad. My friend said he will get me job in Kuwait and one day I bad farewell to all of them and left for Kuwait otherwise my life would have been ruined.

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