Mom’s Best Friend Part 6 – Sex Stories

Mom’s Best Friend Part 6 – Sex Stories
Chapter 11
As a form of adjustment to eventually living together in Adam's house, the two families met almost daily, usually at Adam's home. Dean sensed that there was something happening that he didn't understand, and Adam and Mary agreed that they should bring him into the sexual circle before too long, but that first, there were two items to be attended to: Emily had to be introduced to lesbianism, and Sharon had to have her cherry popped. After that, it was up to Mary to take the innocent little boy to a bedroom and demonstrate some very interesting facts of life.
It all could have been done in a day, they agreed, but that would come under the heading of rushing. Nature aided them in slowing things down on at least one front when Sharon got her period. Mary laughed at her anger, even as she hugged and consoled her, telling her that a few days of having her pussy out of order wasn't all that terrible.
But life wasn't all sex for either family. The children had strict rules about homework and study, and they obeyed them without protest. Beyond that, there was reading to be done so that young minds would develop along tenth young bodies, broadening beyond the things they learned in school. Even young Dean picked up the reading habit, not because he had been told to, but became he saw that his father and his sister enjoyed reading, and reasoned that there must be something to it.
"I'm glad we are what we are, Adam," Mary said so him as they chatted that Sunday while the children were outside, enjoying the swimming pool.
"Me, too, but please be more specific," he told her.
"I'm thinking of how, after we discovered each other and found our new lives, we could have gone hog-wild about it."
"I suppose there are those who would say we did–I mean with the kids and all," he told her with a grin.
"Sure, but who cares about that? What I mean is that the kids are learning that there's a time and a place for everything, including sex. They're going to develop very healthy sexual attitudes, once they get over the newness of it. You and I were never given that chance."
"True, with us to guide them, they'll grow up to be complete, balanced human beings, healthy bisexual people. I'm sure they'll be a credit to us."
"I'm with you, even if our methods were a little less than socially acceptable. Speaking of that, do you think it's about time to take Emily off the hook? The poor lamb is really dying for her first taste of pussy."
They agreed as usual, then went out to the pool to talk to the children who were obviously enjoying their day immensely. Yet as Emily saw the adults approaching, her smile changed into a look of hot anticipation as she hurried to meet them.
"Yes, dear," Mary told the girl before she could ask the question. "Go on inside and dress up in your sexiest things. I'm ready, and I'll be in in just a few minutes."
"Where's Emily going?" Sharon asked her mother.
"She and I are going to have a nice long talk, dear. I'd like you and Dean to stay out here with Adam. We'll come back out when we're finished."
Again Dean looked puzzled and wondered when they were going to let him in on the secret they all seemed to share. Sensing how the boy felt, his father went to him and put an arm around his shoulders, telling him to cheer up, that there were some wonderful surprises in store for him within a few days.
In the house, Mary slipped an arm around Emily and told her she looked stunning.
"Thanks, Mary, so do you, but I don't understand why I had to put clothes on. I hope that what we're going to do will call for no clothes at all."
"It does, dear, but we're going to be civilized about it. It'll be a little game. We'll sit and talk as though we've just met and don't know what's going to happen, then I'll seduce you, very slowly and very gradually. It'll be subtle at first, and then the pace will step up and won't cool down until we've sucked each other's cunts and had our big comes. How does that sound to you, darling?"
"Like the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. I know how good it feels when Daddy sucks my cunt, and I'm dying to find out how it feels to do it. I've never really seen any other cunt, and I've never touched one."
As they walked up the stairs to the master bedroom, Emily followed the exciting woman, looking at the motion of her big hips and wondering how they were going to look and feel when they were naked. Mary's dress was shorter than she usually wore, and the girl looked hotly at her big, smooth, firm-looking thighs. Impulsively, she bent for a better look up Mary's dress, and felt her heart pounding at the stolen glimpse of silky-looking upper thighs. By the time they reached the room, Emily was already trembling with passion.
Leaving the heavy drapes open, Mary drew the light sun drapes across the window so that the room would remain comfortably warm and bright; then she turned and smiled at the trembling girl and did a little trembling herself at the thought of stripping and making lesbian love with a beautiful fifteen-year-old, one whose cunt had so recently been opened for sex by her father's big cock.
As she sat on the edge of the wide bed, Mary allowed the hem of her dress to hike well up her thighs and liked the way Emily stared; then the girl was sitting beside her, making sure that she, too, displayed her lush young thighs.
Mary slipped an arm around the slim-waisted girl, then began talking about how lucky they both were to be females. To her delighted surprise, Emily discovered that she could carry on a conversation despite her wild arousal and her eagerness to see and feel Mary's naked body, and do other exciting things with her, the kind of things Mary did with her daughter.
After a little while, Mary opened the top button of her dress to show more of the cleavage of her lush boobs, then took the first tentative step as a hand went to one of Emily's firm thighs and squeezed gently.
"You have lovely thighs, dear," Mary said and her hand moved a little higher. "Do you mind my feeling your thigh like this?"
"Oh no, it feels nice," Emily told her, not trying to hide her excitement. "You have beautiful thighs, too. I'd love to feel them."
"You're just like your father, dear. Go ahead and feel my big thighs. I like the idea of a pretty girl's hand on my thigh. I'm sure it'll make me very horny."
Emily's little hand trembled as it moved, and there was a tension in the room which crackled like electricity as Emily felt the firm, smooth thigh and squeezed it, sighing warmly.
For a little while, each was content to feel the thighs of the other, but both knew the pace would be stepped up soon.
Through Emily's chiffon blouse, Mary saw the girl's well-filled black bra and decided that would be her next step. Adam had told her that his daughter's firm young jugs made beautiful sucking, and she was anxious to find out, yet not so anxious that she was willing to upset the gentle pace of the seduction.
The arm that had been around Emily's waist moved slowly up until her hand was cupping one tit gently, causing Emily to sigh warmly again.
"Do you like it when your Daddy sucks your tits, darling?" Mary asked as she fondled.
"Oh yes, I just love it. You have such nice big fits, Mary. Do you like having them felt and sucked?"
"Mmmm, very much. I'm beginning to feel naughty, Emily, very naughty. If you'll let me, I'd love to open your blouse so I could see better how nicely you fill your bra."
Before the girl could find her voice, Mary was busy opening the garment, unbuttoning it slowly, her own big knockers rising and falling with her labored breathing as she anticipated baring the young tits to fondle them and suck them.
Again, Mary told the girl how beautiful she was and at the same time, took her blouse off. Instead of going for the cups of her bra at once as she had planned, Mary instead rubbed the silken skin below the bra with one hand while the other hand rubbed smooth shoulders and back, causing the girl to purr with delight at being so exquisitely handled. Her father's touch was wild, but this was different somehow, and she guessed it was part of the charm of lesbian sex, two females sharing gentle touches, sharing the feminine mystique.
After she had fondled the girl for a while, Mary brought her legs up onto the bed and curled them under her with a nice display of thigh, then she was unfastening the top of her dress, smiling warmly at her trembling young partner as she slowly pulled the top of her dress down to her waist to display the contrast of white skin and big, bulging bra Cups with soft-looking white skin between.
With a little cry, Emily turned fully around to face the woman; then her hands were on the bra, and she was rubbing and squeezing. They had been playing with each other for only a little while when Emily felt her bra being unhooked. A few seconds later it was gone, and then Mary's eyes and hands were feasting on tits which felt almost as firm as apples, flawless in their beauty.
As she fondled the naked jugs, Mary saw water in Emily's eyes and wondered if she were going to cry, but she wasn't concerned since she knew that any tears the girl spilled would be happy ones.
When Emily asked to take Mary's bra off, the woman gave smiling assent, then felt fingers trembling as they fought with hook which proved surprisingly stubborn. In time, Emily slipped them all; the bra fell open and as she pulled it off, the girl gasped and her eyes refused to focus for a few seconds.
A dry sound came from Emily's throat as her hands went to the beautiful, big tits and began swarming all over them as she told the woman how exciting they felt and how eager she was to suck the big jugs.
But that was pretty much what Mary had in mind as she pushed the girl down gently onto the bed, and gave the firm tits another loving squeeze; then her warm mouth was wide open as it claimed one tit, and she began to suck it while Emily squirmed and sighed in passion.
Mary suckled the boob for a long time before her face moved to the other, and then she was sucking with the same delicious greed. Needing something to do with her hands, Emily found that she could reach one thigh and hip of the beautiful woman, and then she was rubbing there, working her hand around to a partially panty clad buttcheek and delighting in the thrilling feel of it as she went on savoring the joy of having her tits sucked by a woman.
"Will that hold your lovely tits for the time being?" Mary asked as she sat up and looked into the shining eyes of the girl.
"Oh, yes. It was beautiful even better than when Daddy sucks them. There's something special between two women, isn't there?"
"Yes, darling, we'll talk about it later. Just lie back and I'll feed you my big tits to suck. You're going to like that very much, darling," Mary added, then she was fondling her big jugs, with both hands and panting with lust.
Moving a little, she bent over her partner, held her right tit in her right hand, squeezed it, then lowered it gently to Emily's face. The girl's mouth opened wide to receive it, but instead of pushing it in, Mary rubbed her nipple slowly over Emily's lips, making a full circle of her mouth; then, with a warm sigh, she pushed the silken tit into Emily's mouths filling it and leaving a lot of boob still outside.
Emily began sucking at once and brought her lands into play, holding and rubbing the exciting jug as she sucked it, telling herself that if sucking a tit was so great, then sucking the woman's cunt was surely going to be the ultimate thrill.
Since neither was aware of time, they had no idea how long Emily spent sucking the big knockers, but when Mary eventually took the second boob out of the girl's mouth. it had been more than well-suckled, and the nipple felt a little raw, just nicely so.
"Whatever are we doing with all these clothes on?" Mary said as she knelt up and looked at the shining eyes of the girl.
"That's what I've been wondering," Emily replied.
They both got off the bed and looked at each other as they removed their skirts, then peeled their panties down and tossed them away. Impatiently, Emily asked Mary if they were going to go down on each other at last.
"Before we eat cunt, Emily, we're going to play an exciting little game called riding. I read about it and Sharon and I tried it and enjoyed it a lot. I think you will, too."
They returned to the bed, naked. Mary took the girl in her arms, and they kissed passionately; then they were lying side by side, face to face, and Mary showed Emily how each could get a thigh between the thighs of the other, the thigh right up in the warmth of a crotch.
With only a little difficulty, they picked up the rhythm, and then they were rubbing, their cunts moving over silken skin. The effect was wild, Emily felt, understanding why the game was called riding. As the couple rode, there was no conversation, only the warm sounds of sighs and panting.
When other sounds were heard, they were the sounds of orgasm, the cries and groans and gasps as one after the other rocketed into delicious climax. Afterwards, they continued to lie together, their bodies excitingly wet with the sweat of their lovely lust. Emily was wide-eyed as she told of how much she had enjoyed the game, and how she would want to play it often.
"You will, dear. You'll play it with me often and with Sharon as well. But for now, there are other nice thing; to be done. I'm very anxious to taste your warm little cunt. I'm going to suck it and lick it and give you such a come you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. Are you ready to have your cunt lapped?"
"Oh yes, Mary! I guess I've been ready all my life, only I didn't know it."
"How sweet, my lovely little angel. Lie on your back now, and I'll put a pillow under your behind," Mary said and reached for one.
Emily was panting in hot anticipation as she lay back with her legs wide open to present her tender little cunt to be sucked. Mary stared hotly at her twat, a hand rubbing in her crotch where it was wet and very warm.
Mary's tongue came out and licked over her lips as she reached down to stroke the girl's warm pussy, making her sigh, then groan with desire as her heart pounded strongly; then she gave a little cry as she watched Mary's face coming down, saw her wet lips parting. Then the face was in her crotch, and she felt the woman's warm breath bathing her box and making her so horny that she wanted to scream.
She did scream, a little high-pitched wail as the mouth touched her cunt in a light kiss while two gentle hands claimed her hips and held tightly. The kiss soon became more intense, and then it wasn't a kiss any longer as Mary began sucking her cunt.
The thrill was so great that Emily told herself she couldn't stand it, yet the only alternative was to take her cunt away from the woman's mouth and that she refused to even consider.
Anyone standing outside the door would have thought that someone was in agony in the room, but both Emily and Mary knew better as they shared the ecstasy of their lesbian lust.
Mary sucked greedily, wetly, so wetly that Emily's little cunt couldn't contain all the juice and she felt some of it trickling down into the crack of her behind. As she became accustomed to the intensity of her passion, Emily wanted the muff-diving to go on forever, though even as she felt the wish, she knew that sale was going to climax soon.
And then, as Mary's skilled tongue licked over and around her clit, Emily shrieked in ecstasy. The sound drifted through the window so that those at the pool were able to hear it. Sharon and Adam recognized it for what it was, but Dean looked troubled.
"Your sister is all right, Dean," Adam told him. "In fact," he added with a grin, "I'd say she's more than all right, wouldn't you, Sharon?"
"I'd say she's the happiest girl in the world right now."
"You'll understand too, Dean, very soon now, and you're going to be the happiest boy in the world. Come on, let's have another swim," he added, and Sharon smiled as she saw the bulge of a hard-on in his swimming trunks. Later, in the water, she confirmed that hardness with a naughty hand and got one cheek of her ass squeezed as a reward for her effort.
In the bedroom, woman and girl were panting as the climax passed for Emily and she opened her starry eyes wide, her young body still glowing. They talked of how good the orgasm had been, and Mary assured her that every one could be like that.
"It's wonderful to have a man lap your cunt, dear," Mary told her, "especially a beautiful lapper like your father, but it seems that there's a special magic about it when two females do it. Perhaps you'll understand a lot more after you've sucked my cunt. You do want that, don't you?"
"Oh, yes, Mary. I want it so much. What a thrill it will be for me to suck my first cunt! When I have my face in your crotch, my mouth tight on the lips of your cunt, I think I'll go out of my mind. I'm more than ready now, if you are."
Telling the girl that she was almost ready to have her cunt lapped, Mary lay back with the pillow under her am and invited Emily to play with her twat for a while. Emily was eager to do so, and she rubbed the warm box in mounting passion, then probed the slit with a finger and soon had her partner panting and sighing.
"Oh, yes, Emily! I'm ready now," Mary panted and her voice was low and husky with passion. "I'm so ready to have my cunt lapped."
As Emily took her finger out of the hot, juicy slit, Mary raised her parted legs back over her body and presented her pink, open-lipped cunt to the girl. The sight of the juicy snatch was such that Emily trembled strongly, then licked her lips as she positioned herself to suck it.
She lowered her pretty face slowly, brushed hair back from her face and gave a little squeal of delight when her mouth was about an inch above the pink pussy. Impulsively, she stuck her tongue out and slowly licked up from the base of Mary's crack to the top of her cunt. They both moaned as Emily felt the woman shuddering with arousal; then she touched the cunt lightly with her lips in a gentle kiss.
Emily found no taste at all, just an exciting suggestion of a musky perfume, and she enjoyed it as she inhaled deeply. Then her mouth pressed down more firmly on Mary's cunt, and she began sucking as her arms wrapped around the big thighs of her nude partner.
She had known that sucking a cunt would be lovely, but it was even more than that, and she couldn't find a word to describe the erotic thrill as she sucked wetly, hungrily, her hands rubbing silken skin as she heard Mary purring in ecstasy. Both experienced a new thrill when Emily brought her tongue into play, using it as Mary had used hers, probing and licking her snatch deeply, then bonging it up to the top of the slit where the hard, sensitized passion bud awaited a good licking. She gave it just that.
Emily licked in the top of Mary's slit for two or three minutes, and then she felt the tension in the woman which told her she was getting close to an exciting come. She went on licking her puffy gash, and then Mary was jerking and panting as the tendrils of climax caught her and did wild things to her for a long time before the final spasm passed. When she opened her eyes, Mary saw Emily crouched on the bed beside her, looking very pleased with herself and with life.
"That was beautiful, Emily. You eat cunt like an angel."
"I'm glad I pleased you, Mary. I'll do it again right now if you like."
"No thanks, but you could put on a little show with Sharon for me. How does that sound?"
"I think I'd rather eat your pussy–but that does sound like fun."
"I'll teach the two of you how to play sixty-nine. It'll give you something to do when you're alone and bored."
"I don't think I'll ever be bored as long as I live," Emily said as Mary went to the window and called her daughter. Sharon came running, wriggling her pretty ass for Adam, who still had a hard-on.
Sharon was breathless as she hurried into the room, but she had enough breath left to hurry out of her bathing suit when her mother told her to. Then she got onto the bed with Emily, and the two girls began playing with each other, to the delight of the naked woman who watched intently.
Mary knew what a thrill it would be for Adam to see their daughters romping in the nude, but that would mean leaving Dean alone, and she didn't think that would be fair, so she decided that her lover would have to wait until another time.
The girls played with tits and apses and pussies, and it was obvious that they were both enjoying their game. When Mary asked, both told her that they were very ready to go on to mutual cunt-lapping.
Delighted that she had thought of the idea, Mary helped guide the two girls into position. Each fitted her mouth to the cunt of the other, and they began sucking.
While she watched the pretty girls lapping each other's twats, Mary decided to warm her right hand in her crotch. It felt so nice that she thought she should make it feel even nicer, so a finger went into her slit, and she began stroking, her big tits swaying.
A few minutes later, Mary climaxed with much panting and gasping, her boobs performing a wildly erotic dance while her plump ass jerked strongly. As she was coming out of the orgasm, she smiled at the sight and sound of both girls experiencing strong comes, their naked bodies writhing together on the bed.
Chapter 12
Sharon began to entertain high hopes when she learned that only Adam was coming to visit that evening. If her hopes were realized, she would part with her virginity that evening. When Mary refused to admit that there was anything special about her lover's visit, Sharon's hopes dimmed, but only a little.
When the bell rang, Mary admitted her lover, and Sharon watched as they kissed passionately and Adam fondled her butt.
"Gee," Sharon said as they moved apart, "some women get all the luck and all the kisses and everything."
"Would you like a kiss, Sharon?" he asked, going to her. He took her in his arms and brought his mouth down warmly on hers. As he had done with her mother, he put a hand on Sharon's firm young behind and fondled it, adding to her excitement by getting his tongue into her mouth.
When the kiss ended, Sharon felt a little weak-kneed, and her eyes shone brightly with excitement. More than ever then, she wanted Adam to pop her cherry, and she sensed that her dream was going to come true despite what her mother said, or refused to say.
While Mary poured drinks for herself and Adam, Sharon got herself a Coke and took it to her room. She had intended to study, but her sexual desire was so great it was out of the question. She turned her radio on and tried to make the hunger go away, without much success.
She would have been more excited had she known that Mary and Adam were talking about her, and about how Adam was going to screw her in just a little while.
"How exciting our lives have become, darling," Mary said as they sipped their drinks and Adam fondled a firm thigh. "To think that you're going to fuck my thirteen-year-old daughter, and tomorrow I'm going to strip for your twelve-year-old son, teach him how to lap a woman's cunt and then give him his first piece of tail."
"That we ever met, Mary, was sheer luck. Think of the odds against it. Since then, though, we deserved an the joy we've found, because we dared to help ourselves to it."
"And we're going to go on darling, aren't we, lover?" Mary asked as his hand moved closer to the crotch of her panties and she moved her thighs farther apart.
"You're so right, darling," he told her as his hand moved to the warm nylon of her panties, where the garment snugged against a cunt that was much warmer. "I have a hunch we'll do things so wild that we can't even think of them just now. We'll invent whole new sexual acts."
"Oh, darling, yes," Mary said with a warm sigh as he gently stroked her crotch. "I'm so horny, lover. Do you think it's time to take little Sharon off the hook?"
"Why not? I'll fuck her first, then it shouldn't be long before I've got a hard-on again and I can give you a fuck. It'll be a joy few men know to fuck a tender young virgin, then fuck her mother. Want to call her now?"
"Yes, I'll … Wait, I've got an idea. Let's strip!" Mary said excitedly. "I want to see the look on her face when she walks into the room and sees us both naked. She's really been dying to see your big cock."
"She'll do more than just see it tonight, angel," Adam said as they got to their feet and began undressing. Then Mary called to her daughter who, sensing that it was the big call she had been waiting for, turned her radio off and felt her heart pounding as she walked to the living room.
With a loud gasp, she stopped in the doorway as she stared at the two naked people who were smiling with excitement.
"My God, Mother! You said his cock was big and beautiful, but it's so huge!" she said, her voice almost breaking as she walked toward them.
"Take it in your hand and play with it, Sharon," Adam told her. "Feel how velvety the head is and how hard the shaft gets when I think of sticking it in your tiny little cunt to fuck you."
"Oh, yes! I want that," she told him as her hand closed around his prick. "I really want you to fuck me. I don't care if it hurts. Besides, Emily told me it doesn't hurt all that much," she added, then closed a hand gently around the cockhead and gave it a loving squeeze.
"We won't even think about things like hurt, dear," her mother told her. "Think of beautiful things while you strip naked and show Adam what he's getting."
Sharon was eager to undress, to be naked like the other two, but before starting, she just had to squat before the naked man. Then she was fondling his big balls, delighting herself with the thought that they were full of man cream. Semen seemed like such a clinical term for the magic juice of a man's balls, she thought.
Straightening up, she began undressing as the adults looked at her admiringly, both of them seething with arousal.
"What beautiful little tits you have, Sharon," Adam said. "And they're not so little at that. In just a few years they're going to be as big as your mother's big beauties."
Trembling with delight and excitement, Sharon pushed her panties down. She liked the way Adam looked at what she was showing him. She wished she had a big patch of cunt bush, like her mother, but she sensed that Adam was more than delighted with the peach fuzz she wore on her little cunt mound. Then her panties fell and she stepped out of them, beautifully naked and terribly eager to have her body fondled and kissed and fucked. She wondered if he was going to suck her snatch before fucking her. She hoped he would.
Adam looked lovingly at the trembling little girl as he held his arms open in silent invitation and she moved eagerly into his embrace. While he kissed her, his hands cupping the cheeks of her pretty little ass, Sharon felt his big cock throbbing against her.
After the kiss, Adam turned her around to admire her lovely ass. He fondled it some more, then drew a little gasp from her as he picked her up as easily, as if she were a much younger child, and carried her to Mary's bedroom, her mother following.
"How does my beautiful little daughter feel about being carried to bed to be fucked by a great big man?" Mary asked.
"Oh, Mother, it's so exciting! I feel like I'm going to faint."
"That's all right, darling. Adam's big prick will revive you very quickly," Mary told her, and they all laughed.
In the bedroom, Adam stopped before a mirror so that they could all admire the reflection of the naked girl being held in his arms; then he deposited her gently on the bed and got onto it beside her. Sharon asked her mother if she was going to stay. Mary assured her she was, telling her she wouldn't miss it for the world.
Unhurriedly, Adam began making love to the girl, and she responded thrillingly as his hands and lips moved all over her body while she squirmed and panted with lust. She loved the way he sucked her tits with such a gentle yet ardent style, elongating her little pink nipples and making them feel hard and very sensitive.
When Adam told her to, Sharon stretched her jaws as she worked at getting the head of his cock into an excitingly warm mouth. Then she achieved her goal. While she sucked on his dick, she tried to picture her mother sucking his big cock and drinking his cream. She found the thought almost exciting as the act of sucking his cock, and then he told her to take it out of her mouth.
Adam noticed that Mary was fingering her twat as she watched the action and decided he had to fix her up before fucking her daughter. Sharon would be thrilled, he reasoned, to watch him lapping her mother's cunt and she wouldn't feel neglected.
He told Mary to lie across the bed to have her cunt lapped, and she did so eagerly. Adam explained to Sharon that her mother needed help first. As he had guessed, the girl was more than delighted at being a spectator. She stared in rapt fascination as Adam went down on her mother and gave her what appeared to be a lovely cunt-lapping, one which made her come strongly, then left her panting with delight, her hunger satisfied for the time being.
"Oh, Adam, that was so exciting to watch!" Sharon told him when he took her in his arms again.- "I sure would love to have you suck my pussy like that before you fuck me."
"I'll give you all the cunt-lapping you can take, you beautiful little woman," he assured her as he put a hand in her crotch and stroked her virginal snatch.
He played with her tits and twat for a long time and then whispered to her that he was ready to suck a beautiful little cunt. She trembled as he lay on his back and waited for her to mount his face, but before she did, Sharon paused to look at his big cock as the hard rod jutted like the mast of a ship.
Hurriedly, she knelt astride his head and he put both hands on her ass and held there as he looked up, his body trembling at the sight of the little pink gash. Neither seemed to be in a hurry to start, so she knelt as she was and enjoyed looking down as the man's face, liking what she saw in his eyes and what she felt in her crotch as he slowly fingered her little cunt with one hand while the other fondled a cheek of her ass.
Adam played with her for a long time before both his hands went to her hips and exerted a subtle downward pressure. It was signal enough for Sharon and, with a warm sigh, she slowly lowered her body until she felt her cunt touching his lips. He fastened his mouth to her box with exciting greed, and then he was sucking, his hands

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