House Wife Sex Story A Wonderful Experience With Neighbor – Sex Stories

House Wife Sex Story A Wonderful Experience With Neighbor – Sex Stories

I am Kamini Bhasin from Mumbai. I am 29 years old lady married to a very handsome man, Rakesh. I have one son of age four years. This incidence happened few months back. In the month of May I went to my mayka after one year. My son is very comortable with my in-laws, so, they said Kamini you go alone, it is matter of one week only. I agreed and went alone. My parents were very happy. But next day due to some urgent work they were to go to our village, I never liked village environment, so refused to go there, it was the matter of one or two days only. Our neighbour lady, who loves me very much as she has no daughter only one son named Nitin, told my parents not to worry, we will take care. I took my dinner at anuty’s house.

Aunty told Nitin to stay at our house in the night. Nitin is eight or nine years younger than me and loves and respect me very much. It was too hot, I told Nitin to sleep in the AC room. AC was working in one bedroom, other rooms’s AC was not working. We laid down on the double bed and switched on the TV. Remote was in my hand. I was searching for some movie. One moive was running on HBO channel. We were seeing that movie, it was a very good movie, after half an hour a kissing scene came. Nitin took remote and changed the channel. I said what happened achhi movie hai, chalne de and I changed to HBO. I could see the changing expressions of Nitin’s face. After few minutes again there was a hot scene and saw that Nitin put his right leg on left leg, perhaps he was getting excited. Even I was also aroused by seeing that scene. Nitin said Kamini didi garmi lag rahi hai. I said shayad AC jayada thanda nahin kar raha hai, lagta hai yeh AC bhi kharab hone wala hai. Nitin was in tee shirt and halfpant. I said tee shirt nikal de. He removed, now he was in halfpant only. Nitin is around five feet six inches tall. His chest was full of small hairs. I smiled and said Nitin tu to jawan ho gaya hai, teri chhati pe bal ug aaye hain, he smiled. I was also feeling hot and said main bhi apni dress change kar leti hoon, mujhe bhi garmi lag rahi hai. I went to other room and removed my salwar suit and removed bra also and wear a tee shirt and a bright cotton shorts. I entered the bedroom. Nitin started looking at me with wonder. You are reading A wonderful experience with neighbor Sex Story on

I asked him kaya dekh rahe ho itni hairani se. He said nothing. I said kuchh to hai. I was knowing, he was quite surprised to see my large sized boobs in tee shirt and heavy butts in small shorts. He said nahin kuchh nahin. I said pucka ? He said yes. Let me tell you I am five feet eight inches tall and my vital statistics is 36-28-38. His eyes were on TV now. Heroine was wearing a tee shirt and very small shorts like me, of course mine was little bit bigger than her. While seeing the movie Nitin was staring at my boobs sometimes. I noticed and asked Nitin sach bata tu kaya dekh raha hai meri taraf. He said aap bahut sunder hain, ek dum TV actress jaisi. I said thanks and smiled. He also smiled and said aapki tango par to ek bhi bal nahin hai. I smiled and said achha to tu yeh dekh raha tha, kaya achha lag raha hai mujh mein tujhe. Wo thoda sharma gaya aur bola aapki body figure bahut achha hai. Maine kaha main roj jim jati hoon. Main thoda sarak kar uske paas aa gayi aur uski chhati par hath pherne lagi and said body to teri bhi achhi hai. He said aapki tange bahut mulayam hain I put my right leg on his left leg and started rubbing and said hoon aur kaya achha lag raha hai. Wo bahut jayada sharma gaya, uska chehra sharam se lal ho gaya tha. I said main bura nahin manugi tu bol. He pointed towards my boobs and said aapke yeh bahut bade hain. I put my hand on butts and asked aur yeh. He said yeh bhi bahut bade hain. Maine aankh mari aur kaha kabhi kisi ladki ke chhoo kar dekhe hain. Usne najren jhuka kar kaha nahin. I hold his hand and put on my boobs and said daba kar dekh. He did the same and said Kamini didi yeh to bahut sakht hain.

I was enjoying his unexperienced touch. I am quite happy with my husband and never cheated him but it happened that day. In fact my husband was on foreign tour for three months. two months were over. We have very healthy sex life, we do lot of sex, oral and anal also. I am very happy with him.I was hungry for the last two months. I was feeling itching in my shorts. I became horny and said ek minute ruk and removed my tee shirt. He jumped and his mouth opened in suprise. He said oh Kamini didi apke boobs to bahut bade aur gole hain. I laughed and hold his head and guided it towards my boobs and said lick. He understood and started kissing and licking. I was aroused and closed my eyes. I was enjoying his kissing and licking. My pussy was pulsating and started leaking, I put my one hand in my shorts and started rubbing my clitoris. After few minutes I colud not hold and now I wanted something between my legs. I opened my eyes and saw a large bulge in his pant, it was lifted quite high from front. I asked while pointing between his legs yeh kaya ho raha hai. Nitin ashamed and imediately put his hand on his pant. I smiled and said main bhi chookar dekh loon and put my right hand on his pant. I was very surprised, he seemed to be quite big. Bigger than my thoughts. I said tu to bahut bada lag raha hai, mujhe check karne de. Nitin put his both hands on his half pent and said nahin Kamini didi please, mujhe sharam aa rahi hai. You are reading A wonderful experience with neighbor Sex Story on

I said tune bhi to mere boobs dekh liye. He said okay. I opend his jip, he was not wearing underwear, and hold his tool and pulled it out. Maine apne dono hath munh par le ja kar kaha Ohhhh myyyy Goddd !!!!!!!! Ye to bahut bada hai. I swear I never thought of this much bigger size. I again hold his tool and found gap between my thumb and fingers. I removed his half pant, he was fully naked now,his tool was touching his belly. Now I could see his full size. It was definately seven and half inches long and very thick. It was quite bigger than my husband, around three and half inches bigger and thickness was just double. I hold his penis in my right hand and said Nitin tera lund to bahut bada hai, Rakesh ka to isse adhha hi hai. Nitin was not expecting word lund from my mouth and so smiled in surprise. It was covered with foreskin. I slowly removed his foreskin, oh God, his supada was pink and shining, it was around two inches long and one and half inch wide. I lowered my head and kissed it with my soft lips. Nitin said ahhhhh Kamini didi, app bahut achhi hain. Very arousing smell was coming from his penis which I like very much. I opened my mouth and took his supada in my mouth and start rubbing my tounge around it. I looked at Nitin’s face, he closed his eyes and was moaning ahhhh ohhhhh Kamini didi bada maja aa raha hai, aapke honth bahut soft hain ahhhh ahhhhh mmmm ahhhh. I smiled and took four inches lund in my mouth and start masturbating with mouth. Nitin was enjoying and my itching in my cunt increased. I also needed his tounge in my cunt so I pulled his tool from my mouth, Nitin murmured please Kamini didi aur kijiye. I smiled and said okay, tum bhi meri choot chato. I removed my shorts, Nitin’s eyes became wider when he saw my very big butts and small panty and he said Kamini didi aapke chutar to bahut bade aur gore hain, itne bade chutron par itni chhoti si panty ? Maine aankh mar kar kaha aur kaha- chhed hi to dakna hai.

I removed my panty also. It was a very big surprise for Nitin. First time in his life he saw a complete naked woman. He saw between my legs and said aapke to ek bhi bal nahin hai. I said main veet use karti rahti hoon. A opened my legs and said Dekh le apni Kamini didi ki choot. With a great surprise he was looking at my beautiful small cunt. He touched it and hugged my butts and said Kamini didi app bahut sunder hain, aap to heroines se bhi kahin jayada sexy hain. I hold his lund in hands and put my legs towards his mouth and now we were in sixty nine pose. I asked have you ever seen bf, he said yes. I said to fir bf ki tarah meri choot chat. He seemed very happy to listen choot word from my mouth. He hold my large butts in hands and put his tounge in my cunt. I cried with pleasure and said yes baby aise hi, puri jeebh ander dal de. Again I took his lund in my mouth. I was rubing my cunt on his mouth. My clitoris which is is half inch long, was throbing. He put his lips around my clitoris and with his tounge started licking. I was in heaven and started moaning yes yes baby yes do it like this only ohhhh Nitin you are so good, yes yes yes I want to cum in your mouth yes yes yeeeeesss I am cumming baby and I started stroking and rubbing my large butts on his mouth. I cried in pleasure yes yes yes Nitin I am cumming cumming and pour my whole cum in his mouth. He licked every drop from my pussy very well, I asked iska taste achha tha? He said yeh namkeen tha lekin bahut majedar tha. I just smiled and relaxed. Nitin saw my back hole and said yeh to kaphi bada hai. I laughed and said Rakesh meri gand chudai bhi karte hain is liye yeh bada hai. I told him to lick my gaand. He put his tounge in my gaand. I was enjoying and murmured yes Nitin yes bada maja aa raha hai, please fuck my gaand with your tounge and started stroking my big butts on his tounge. I became too horny and now it was not bearable, I wanted Nitin’s long and thick lund in my choot. Maine kaha Nitin bus ab aur nahih saha ja raha, jaldi apna mota lund meri choot mein dal de. Nitin said lekin Kamini didi maine to pahle kabhi yeh kiya nahin. Maine hans kar kaha tu seedha let ja. Main uske upar aa gayi aur apni tange chodi ki aur uske lode ko hath se pakad kar apni choot par lagaya. Nitin bol pada ahhhh yeh to bahut garam hai. I smiled and slowy put pressure on his lund. But it was too big for my little pussy but I wanted it inside me at any cost. I put some more pressure, now slowly it entered in my small hole. Maine thoda jor se dhakka mara pura do inch ka supada meri choot me ghus gaya, meri ankhe band ho gayi lekin Nitin dheere se cheekha. I asked kaya hua ? wo bola- dard ho raha hai. I said do not worry thodi der baad tujhe bada maja aayega. You are reading A wonderful experience with neighbor Sex Story on

I was enjoying his big supada in my tight pussy. After some times I asked Nitin are you okay now baby. He said yes. I asked to chodna shuru karoon? He smiled and said yes. I started fucking and gave a push, Nitin closes his eyes in pleasure and I continued giving pushes very slowly, I was cring in pleasure ahh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh you are very big, very big, much bigger than my husband yes yes ohh ohhhh yes uuummmmmm. Now four inches were inside me which was my regular limit. But his lund was too thick, my cunt became wide. I rested for few seconds and then raised my big heavy butts up, whole lund except supada was out, and with full force I gave a big push and I cried loudly with pain and pleasure, all the seven and half inches enterd in my choot. Nitin asked kaya hua Kamini didi, mujhe thoda dard ho raha hai. I smiled and said tera itna lamba aur mota lund meri chhoti si choot mein pure ka pura ghus gaya hai. He saw his lund, it disapeared in my choot. I rested for sometime. And I said Nitin tu mere upar aa ja aur lund under dale dale hamne position badal li. My butts are big so my choot raised up, I said Nitin chal ab tu meri choot mein dhhake marne shuru kar. Nitin was fucking first time, he started giving strokes slowly. I closed my eyes. He was unexperienced but I was enjoying. I said Nitin jor jor se dhakke mar. He started and I kept my legs around his waist. I was on moon, it was wonderful. My pussy grasped his big lund firmly, it was going inside my choot very tightly. I said Nitin aur teji si chod. He increased the speed and I stared moaning yes Nitin you are fucking your Kamini didi very well yes yes please fuck me harder harder faster, you are too big for my little cunt yes yes ahh ahhh ahhhh oohhhhh ohhh ummmmm mmmmm I stared cring yes baby yes yes fuck me fuck me, you sweet boy fuck me oohhhh yes you chod chod chod yes phad dal apni Kamini didi ki choot, I saw his face, he was enjoying fucking and feeling very very happy. I hugged him tightly and put his face on my big boobs and asked in his ears in low voice- kaisa lag raha hai chodte hue. He said I can not explain, it is too good. I raised my chutad up and started giving strokes from bottom and again started crying ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh oh Nitin you lovely boy tune itna bada lund dal diya meri chhoti si choot mein aahhhhh uuuuueeee maaaa uuueee mmmmmaaaaaaa ooooooo aaaaaahhhhhhhh it is too tight for my small pussy ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ohhh oohhh. After few minute I felt I am about to cum. I said Nitin be fast I want to cum now fast Nitin speed se chod ahh I am about to cum baby. Nitin speed bacame too high. His face expressions were telling that he was also about to cum. Suddenly he said Kamini didi mera nikalne wala hai and he started crying ohhh ahhhh ahhhh mera bus nikalne wala ha ahhh ahhh ahhh and within seconds I felt like a fountain of hot water started in my choot.

I hugged him tightly and with my arms and legs. I am taller and healthier than him maine oose daboch liya aur garam garam virye ander jate hi chila padi aahhhhh ahhhh Nitin main gayi main gayi gayi ooohhhh mmmyyyyyy gooood oh my god oh my god oh my godddd and raised my butts up so that his lund goes more deeply more deeper my pussy shrinked and squeezed every drop of his hot cum. I came loudly and wonderfully and lost my senses I squeezed. After sometimes I loosen my grip and Nitin’s lund came out of my choot, I heard a low sound puchh. His lund was hanging now. I kissed Nitin and said thanks. Nitin said thanks kis liye. I said meri do mahine ki bhook mitane ke liye. He said thanks. I aksed for what? He said mujhe yeh experience dene ke liye, aap jitni sunder hain utni hi achhi hain. Then We went to bathroom for cleaning our organs. When I sat on the floor, a large quantity of semen came out of my cunt. I was surprised. It was equal to one full table spoon in quantity. Meri aankhe khuli ki khuli rah gayi when I looked at my hole, it became very big, I said dekh mera chhed kitna choda kar diya hai tere lode ne aur uske lund par hath mara aur apne honth gole karke kaha yeh bahut naughty. He was very happy when I praised about his lund. Then we washed our organs and slept without wearing any cloth. It was a wonderful experience.

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