Eating out – Sex Stories

Eating out – Sex Stories
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I just had a hectic day at work and on arriving home, I flopped onto the couch. Very soon while I was still unwinding my wife joined me as is her usual habit. We chatted for awhile before she looked at my legs where my penis was located and casually remarked that she wants to suck me. This was not unusual as she would be very bold when wanting to suck cock and time and place was of no consequence.

Without waiting for a response from me, she did what she normally does before going down on me. She would step out of her panties, flashing her swollen pussy and play up the tease game with me.

This really would turn me on, and within a minute my cock was throbbing and erect. She releases it from my pants exposing drops of seminal fluid on the tip. Without further warning, she proceeded to engulf the head in her mouth. Bobbing up and down she knew it would be less than two minutes before I shoot my load. Sucking hard and moaning she pulled my shaft with her lips and her intentions were clear. To blow my load down her throat and clean me out completely. I did just that as she extracted every drop of cum and savored its flavor. That’s my wife, never expecting a favor in return immediately knowing well I’ll return the favor in a similar fashion.

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